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2021 Corporate ESG Report

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Message from the Chairman

GlobalWafers utilizes its cutting-edge trail-blazing technologies to speed up new manufacturing process and next-generation new products development and aims for more profitable future for our investors,  customer and employees.

Corporate Governance

GlobalWafers puts an emphasis on integrity and exhibits the company’s unique culture by way of team cohesiveness continuous innovation in technology and management.

Innovative and Service

GlobalWafers is committed to continuous improvements  and pursues excellence to provide excellent quality and company’s competitiveness as well as provide customers with zero-defect products and services.


Sustainable Environment

GlobalWafers continues to aim at green design and green products, and strives for the company’s profits while dedicates to sustainable development.

Friendly Workplace

Our employees are one of the key factors to GlobalWafers’ growth and sustainable developing. As the result, GlobalWafer values employees’ career development and concerned about their work life balance.

Social Concern

GlobalWafers proactively participate in various social philanthropic activities such as dream fulfillment projects in rural areas and sponsoring underprivileged children and charities so as to fulfill the vision of “Give back to the society whatever you take from the society”.

Stakeholder Engagemnet

Based on operational characteristics, GlobalWafers has identified its shareholders that include staff members, customers, shareholders (investors) and suppliers (contractors), government departments and the media.

EHS Management

GlobalWafers aims at the goal of providing a safe, healthy, and comfortable working environment. To achieve the goal, GlobalWafers not only complies with local safety and health regulations but also applyies modification measures appropraitely and timely to assure the safety and healthy of the members.

Supply Chain Management

To ensure the quality management meets the requirements of customers and applicable laws and regulations, GlobalWafers regularly implements compliance inspections of laws and regulations. 

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