Friendly Workplace

Meaning for GlobalWafers

Our employees are one of the key factors to GlobalWafers’ growth and sustainable operation. We provide competitive remuneration and a comprehensive benefits system and jointly devote in developing professional talent selection system with which to attract more outstanding talents to join us. We value our employees’ voices and opinions so as to establish a pleasant labor-management communication. We comply with regulations in our formulation of various management guidelines. We are devoted to creating a friendly workplace, conducting all kinds of training, and building safety and growth-valued culture to ensure the occupational safety of our employees. We respect our employees’ willingness, never force, or mandate their labor provision. We value employees’ career development, concerned about their work-life balance. We facilitate our corporate responsibility, create, and provide local residents more job opportunities.

Holding regular labor/management meetings and provides various communication channels and report mechanism in order to effectively understand employees’ opinions and resolve their problems.

Promoting occupational safety and hygiene management system, safety education training and safety culture activities. We enhance employees’ safety awareness, strengthen their professional literacy and discipline in order to reduce accident rate effectively and safeguard employees’ occupational safety.

Emergency response team training and emergency escape evacuation drills are conducted regularly to enhance in-factory disaster rescue skills as well as employees’ knowledge and familiarity on work environments and escape routes for the purpose of minimize possible personal injury, property loss and impact to environment incurred from accident.