Innovative and Service

Meaning for GlobalWafers

GlobalWafers adheres to ideals of sustainable business operations and continuously work for customer satisfaction and customer information security, in addition to maintaining operational performance with stable growth. We start with customer demand and hope to develop innovative services in line with GlobalWafers’ corporate ethics. Similar to GlobalWafers’ quality policy, we are also committed to continual improvement and excellence in order to provide the best quality, technology, and comprehensive services to enhance product quality and competitiveness. The Company aims to grow together with its customers, pursue excellence with employees, create value for shareholders, and pursue sustainable operations with our customers. The ultimate objective is to provide customers with zero-defect products and services with outstanding product quality, production technology, and manufacturing.

Valid patents obtained by the entire group have reached 1,706

National Quality Control Circle Competition in Taiwan 1 Gold

Future goals

Continuously improve quality and focus on product development to increase customer satisfaction

Innovation management

GlobalWafers has implemented several expansions in response to increasing Si content and driven by technology advancement and accelerated digital transformation in the postpandemic era. The expansion locations include Asia, Europe, and the United States. The production capacity expansion covers 12” wafers and Epitaxial wafers (EPI), 8” and 12” Silicon on Insulator wafers (SOI), 8” Float-Zone wafers (FZ), Silicon carbide (SiC) wafers (including SiC Epi), Gallium Nitride on Silicon wafers (GaN on Si) and other large-size next-generation products.

product quality

GlobalWafers is committed to continuous improvements and pursues excellence to provide excellent quality, technology and comprehensive services and enhance product quality and company’s competitiveness. Moreover, GlobalWafers grows with customers, pursues excellence with employees, creates values for shareholders and sought sustainable management with our customers.

customer service

Customers are GlobalWafers’ valuable assets. They are also the company’s important partners along the way to growth. In addition to maintaining operation performance, enhancing the company’s core value and pursuing advanced technology and stable quality, we also provide comprehensive customer service and maintain good collaboration relationship with customers hoping that all parties can grow and prosper together, enjoy sustainable operation and achieve social and economic values.