GlobalWafers Announces Second Quarter EPS of NT$8 and 1H’2018 EPS of NT$14.36

GlobalWafers Announces Second Quarter EPS of NT$8

and 1H’2018 EPS of NT$14.36

Hsinchu, Taiwan, August 7, 2018 – GlobalWafers Co., Ltd. (GWC) today announced consolidated revenue of NT$14.36 billion, gross profit of NT$5.31 billion, operating profit of NT$4.12 billion, net income attributable to the parent company of NT$3.49 billion, and EPS of NT$8 for the second quarter ended June 30, 2018. Operating margin for the second quarter was 28.7%, net profit margin was 24.4%.

Year over year, the second quarter results represented a 28.2% increase in consolidated revenue, a 142% increase in operating income, a 170.7% increase in net income attributable to the parent company, and a 158.9% increase in EPS.

GlobalWafers consolidated financial results for the 1H: year over year, accumulated consolidated revenues totaled NT$28.27 billion, an increase of 29.8%. Gross profit was NT$10.36 billion, an increase of 112.5%. Operating profit was NT$8.04 billion, an increase of 190.1%. Net income attributed to parent company was NT$6.27 billion, an increase of 282.5%. EPS was NT$14.36, a spectacular increase of NT$10.19 from NT$12.68 for the full year 2017. 2Q18 and 1H18 performance were the all time best quarter and half year for GWC in all aspects.

In conjunction with the release of its 1H’2018 results, GlobalWafers is announcing a total investment of NT$ 1.8 billion into GlobiTech Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary located in the U.S. (Sherman, Texas), for its new power station system and clean room extension. This power station is a natural gas-fed generation system which can support the whole 24-hour operation of GlobiTech to prevent frequent power outage issue in Sherman city. This investment into GlobiTech is an important signal to our valued customers that GlobalWafers will also be there with timely and dependable supply of critical products of 200mm diameter in support of the burgeoning automotive, industrial, sensors, power management and IOT end markets.

200mm, as a diameter of mass production, is showing a resurgence. Per SEMI, the number of 200mm semiconductor wafer fabrication facilities will grow from 194 fabs in 2017 to 203 in year 2022 driven by strong demand from MEMS, less-sensitive devices of power management, radio frequency (RF), analog and discretes, gearing up to add more than 600kp wafers per month. From SEMI’s recent 2Q’2018 Silicon Manufacturers Group (SMG) market statistics, GlobalWafers is the overall #3 silicon wafer supplier at 18% market share while being the #1 supplier in LE200mm products at 24%.

GlobalWafers has successfully hit the 10th consecutive growth as of 2Q’2018 along with the promising outlook for the semiconductor market. Looking ahead, as the second half is entering the peak season of the semiconductor industry and application ranges such as automotive electronics, 5G, memory, IoT, artificial intelligence (AI), mobile devices, high-speed computing etc. are all showing strong demand, GlobalWafers as well as its fabs at home and abroad expect to produce at full capacity continuously and optimistically to witness more growth to come.