Successfully Achieved on July 1 the Acquisition of the Danish FZ Semiconductor Fab by GWC

GlobalWafers (“GWC”) announced that the acquisition for the semiconductor business of Topsil Semiconductor Materials A/S in Denmark (“Topsil”) had been successfully completed on July 1. Furthermore, the acquisition payment and stock transference have been implemented specifically by GWC and Topsil as well with the following post merger integration to be in full swing.

Topsil operation in Denmark and Poland are officially merged with the GWC group on July 1 with the name changed to Topsil GlobalWafers A/S in Denmark and to Topsil Semiconductors sp z o.o. in Poland. The new combined partners will undoubtedly double the strength and capability for GWC. Possessing great benefits from the economy scale, global collaboration and resource integration, the GWC group will accelerate further for its global strategy of the next era.