Corporate Responsibility Practice

Friendly Workplace

SAS firmly embraces the concept of “Workplace Health and Safety”. In addition to strict compliance with occupational health and safety laws and other relevant legal requirements, the company is firmly committed to organizational operations and staff participation. The company also continues to provide optimized resources for health and safety facilities improvements in the plants in accordance with the nature and risks of the organization to prevent injuries and hazards. The ultimate goal is to safeguard the health and safety of employees, contract workers, and relevant third parties.

Safe Work Environment

In 2018, we have successfully switched from the OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety management systems to the ISO 45001: 2018 system in all plants, with heightened focus on social expectations and managerial and staff participation. Occupational health and safety (OHS) is no longer regarded as an “independent operation” but has to be viewed from the angle of sound operation and sustainability. We adheres to the provision of safe and healthy work environments and modified pollution prevention and occupational hazards eradication, while conducting counselling with workers and their representatives, with the entire workforce made aware of individual liabilities and engaged in the environmental health and safety activities.

Healthy Workplace

The physical health of employees is a key factor for the maintenance of work-life balance. Exceeding legal requirements, SAS has hired general practitioners to provide free on-site services including health consultation, guidance and assessment, as well as follow-up tracking health issues, referrals and medical services. In addition, SAS is firmly committed to the three pillars of maternal care, prevention of ergonomic hazards and prevention of burnout. The company safeguards the physical and mental health of our staff members through a wide range of health care initiatives, sporadic health talks, and health promotion activities in an effort to create a blissful and healthy work environment.

Physical and Mental Balance and a Blissful Workplace

SAS views its employees as its key assets. Only with healthy employees can we raise the corporate productivity. As such, besides a firm commitment to providing a safe, healthy and friendly workplace, the company organizes several staff outings through its Benefits Committee on an annual basis. These outings will hopefully replenish employees’ energy and build team cohesion. Family members are encouraged to participate in these outings for employees to bond and build a strong rapport amongst themselves, to show concern for family members after work hours, and to enhance work-life balance.
SAS listens to the voice of its employees. Various channels such as labor-management consultation meetings, employee suggestion boxes, OSH committees, meetings on the old pension system, and a staff benefits committee allow employees to freely express their views and opinions. Employees are able to fully express their opinions via meeting exchanges and discussions. This enables an effective bidirectional communication channel between the labor and the management, rendering win-win results for both parties. In addition, the HR Department sends out electronic weekly newsletters containing articles, columns, English learning sections, and events and health information. These newsletters provide employees with new knowledge and an opportunity to participate in internal and external events. This also enables employees to achieve a work-life balance and maintain their physical and spiritual health while performing their work duties.

SAS also appoints dedicated management personnel who provide assistance to facilitate the work and daily lives of foreign blue-collar migrant workers. Annual activities are organized to show constant concern for the foreign staff members and to understand their needs and problems so as to conduct timely communication and assistance for them to enjoy work and lead a happy life in Taiwan.

Social Concern

Since 2003, compassionate manufacturers in the Hsinchu Science Park have been organizing Christmas gift collection activities on Christmas Eve to fulfill the dreams of underprivileged children. SAS continues to promote this Dream Fulfillment Activity in cooperation with Accton Cultural & Educational Foundation. These little gifts help fulfill the dreams and desires of these children. We are all Santa Clauses who can spread hope and love to these children. SAS has participated in a total of 10 activities, and each year, our employees have all taken part in the gift sponsorship activities with great enthusiasm. Over the years, a great number of Christmas gifts have been given to children in remote areas and social welfare organizations through the platform of this activity.
Since 2010, SAS has been serving as a sponsor for the heartwarming and compassionate fair activity organized by the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families, a family support charity. This activity aims to show concern for disadvantaged families and abused children in foster care in the Hsinchu area. The company also promotes the recycling and reuse of resources by conducting charity sales of second-hand goods. In addition, the health center organizes annual blood donation drives. These activities enable employees to demonstrate social concern. Every bag of blood saves a life and extends the passion and love of the donors.
Based on a passionate commitment to social welfare and assistance for underprivileged groups, SAS employees donate their moon cakes in a spirit of compassion and love for these groups. The moon cakes are donated to charitable organizations under the company’s name to demonstrate the love of all employees. The following underprivileged groups are the beneficiaries of this activity.