SAS September Revenue YoY achieves 59%

SAS announces September revenue today – the standalone reaches 0.245 billion; the consolidated reaches 1.94 billion with YoY 59%. Among which GlobalWafers,the semiconductor subsidiary, contributes 1.63 billion with MoM 12% and YoY 300%! Semuconductor occupys group share by 84%.

SAS indicates that solar is the most applicable and consistent clean energy. According to research, global installation continues to grow in 2012, and is anticipated to increase in the following years. Therefore, the biggest problem does not come from weak demand, but comes from oversupply and economic uncertainty. US, EU and India have launched investigations into suspected Chinese dumping. Manufacturers is keen in cut-throat competition to clear inventories until all trade war is settled, thus resulting in sluggish price and discontinued production. Aforementioned countermeasures signify the industry will soon bottom-out from oversupply and blind expansion, and restores normal step by Q4 end. SAS will seize opportunities with the advantage of reorganization and strategic alliance and soars after industrial transition.

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