SAS May revenue increases 50%

SAS announces May revenue today. The standalone reaches 0.53 billion, MoM 50% while the consolidated reaches 2.11 billion, MoM 21.7%; the accumulated revenue of standalone and consolidated are 1.95 billion and 59.5 billion respectively. Soaring revenue indicates stable growth of all products.

Tariff reduction as well as Chinese dumping result in solar industry recess. American coalition urged an investigation against dumping, contingency plans being drawn up by many of the leading Chinese cell producers for sales into North America are based upon the use of Taiwan-produced cells, which contributes to SAS leaping revenue. Though target market is suffering European sovereign-debt crisis, with Japanese and Chinese government installation subsidy leverage market inquiry to Asia, price remains stable.

As for semiconductor, GlobalWafers consolidated revenue reaches 1.52 billion, MoM 15%, with over 70% occupation of group profit. Stable income and tier 1 customers from newly acquired Covalent Silicon corporation help GlobalWafers penetrating into Europe, U.S. and Japan and obtaining more orders by means of great products.

Sino Sapphire expanses smoothly. Facing LED strong demand, Sino Sapphire severely controls budget by elevating in-house ratio of crystal growth and explores next generation nanometer PSS, also strengths connect with clients by constructing strategic alliance.