SAS June Revenue Rank #3 in History

SAS announces June revenue today. The standalone reaches 0.38 billion while the consolidated reaches 2.26 billion, MoM is 6.95 %, YoY is 77.77%, QoQ achieves nearly 200%, contributing the highest revenue in the late15 months. Semiconductor occupies almost 80% of group profit, becoming main profit source.

SAS’ new solar cell, A4+, outshines other rivals with its incredible conversion efficiency-18%, surpassing normal products with mere 17%, and draws numerous orders. SAS accelerates mass production to answer vibrating inquiry. A4+ is estimates to account for 10%~20% of July shipment with regular growth, and will increase to 80% by yearend. High selling price of A4+ helps to improve gross margin.

As for semiconductor, GlobalWafers consolidated revenue is 1.802 billion, occupying almost 80% of group profit, as main profit source. With numerous production and R&D bases in Taiwan, USA, China and Japan, GlobalWafers is capable of seizing commercial initiative.

Great performance of sapphire business also bestows group revenue. PSS (Patterned Sapphire Substrate) takes 99% shipment along with smooth expansion.

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