SAS June 2017 Revenue Report

Hsinchu, Taiwan, July 10, 2017 – SAS today announced its consolidated revenue for June of NT$5.17 billion, an increase of 14.1% from May 2017 and an increase of 86.9% from June 2016. Revenue for solar products was NT$1.04 billion which increased 20.9% from the previous month yet decreased 27% year-over-year. Revenue for GlobalWafers (GWC), SAS subsidiary for Semiconductor business, came to NT$4.13 billion, an increase of 12.5% from the previous month and 208.2% year-over-year.

Q2 consolidated revenue of SAS was NT$14 billion, an increase of 3.2% from Q1 2017 and an increase of 85.6% year-over-year that records a quarterly new high. Q2 total revenues for solar products achieved NT$2.81 billion, 6.2% slightly lower than the previous quarter and 22.9% lower than the figure year-over-year. Total revenues for GWC were NT$11.2 billion which increased 5.9% from Q1 2017 and 187.1% year-over-year. Total revenue of SAS for January through June 2017 increased 88.5% year-over-year to NT$27.59 billion while GWC revenue was NT$21.79 billion in 1H17, a 188.5% increase year-over-year and approximately 80% contribution to SAS total consolidated revenue.

Given strong demand of the solar market, SAS solar production lines including silicon wafers, cells & modules are all fully loaded. Meanwhile, GWC’s semiconductor wafer products being influenced by significant growth of global semiconductor market, all sites 12”, 8”, 6” production lines are fully loaded too. Market vision lasts till next year.

Sunrise PV World Co., the subsidiary of SAS, has merged Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) and renamed it to Sunrise PV Five Co., Ltd. who has been cooperating with Taiwan DCARBON in building up the ground mounted solar power plant, the best integrated and the largest land cover area’s solar power plant in the middle of Taiwan. In the future, the SAS group will continue to strengthen the partnership with Taiwan DCARBON to develop more high quality solar power plants in Taiwan so as to realize the response to government’s green energy policy and SAS group’s ambition of richly cultivating Taiwan’s PV industry, and makes efforts to Taiwan’s sustainable environment protection.