SAS & GWC June 2021 Revenue Report

Sino-American Silicon Products (SAS) released June results today that the consolidated revenue totaled NT$6.2 billion with 15.4% MoM and 13% YoY, monthly revenue exceeded the threshold of 6 billion, reaching the second highest record in the history! Among which solar revenue hit NT$825 million with 39.4% MoM and 82.8% YoY, hitting record high in a single month since August 2018! SAS Q221 consolidated revenue totaled NT$17.2 billion, 7.1% growth compared to Q121 and 14.3% increase compared to Q220. Solar business consolidated revenue in Q221 reached NT$1.98 billion, 58.3% growth compared to Q121 and 48.2% increase compared to Q220. Overall, SAS cumulative consolidated revenue in the first half of the year totaled NT$33.2 billion with 9.6% YoY.

SAS’ semiconductor subsidiary, GlobalWafers (GWC), also released its June results today that the consolidated revenue reached NT$5.4 billion with 12.5% MoM and 6.8% YoY. GWC Q221 consolidated revenue totaled NT$15.2 billion, 2.7% growth compared to Q121 and 11% growth compared to Q220. Both monthly and quarterly revenue soared to the third highest in the history! GWC cumulative consolidated revenue in the first half of the year broke NTD$30 billion threshold with 10.3% YoY!

Regarding the outlook for the second half of the year in the semiconductor industry, global economic activities will gradually recover with vaccination roll-out. In addition, during the epidemic, the increasing requirements for digital services, the robust demands for PCs and tablets due to remote learning/work, and spec upgrade in peripherals urged by 5G penetration all boost the need for semiconductor, GWC capacity this year has been fully loaded.

In the solar energy industry, we are currently facing summer peak demand, and the suspension of classes and work have further increased household electricity consumption, the hydropower impacted by water scarcity strains power supply, highlighting Taiwan urgently needs renewable energy as an alternative to the traditional energy for sustainable power source and a long-term solution to extreme weather. As a renewable energy total solution provider, SAS actively responds to the government’s energy transformation plan. With the growing installation of sustainable energy, solar energy, as a mature technology, is expected to be the priority for clean energy development. To capture the ever-increasing need for green power, SAS’ professional and exquisite team will actively comply with policies, continue to explore opportunities in green power, energy storage and green energy resale as well as giving full play to its experience in operation and maintenance in order to cement the cornerstone for global sustainable energy.