SAS BoD Approves 20121H Financial Statements

SAS BoD approved 20121H financial statements today, the accumulated standalone revenue as of June 31 is NTD$ 2.412 billion, net loss after tax is NTD$ 0.751 billion; the consolidated revenue as of June 31 is NTD$ 8.49 billion, net loss after tax is NTD$ 0.745 billion, EPS is NTD$ -1.69.

SAS standalone revenue of Q2 is NTD$ 1.278 billion, QoQ is 13%; consolidated revenue of Q2 is NTD$ 6.383 billion, QoQ is 203%. Compare with Q1 (EPS NTD$ -1.4), Q2 quarterly loss has diminished drastically (EPS NTD$ -0.29), indicating improving operation performance. SAS grows quarter by quarter even though solar industry is still under the shadow of uncertainty.

  1. Daiwa Securities Group analyzes finances of global solar manufacturers with Altman Z-score, and SAS is deemed with the most consistent fiance and operation. SAS aggressively elevates Japanese market share for product distribution, carefully selecting orders to prevent cash from loss; devoting in research and development of A4+ wafer, which will be put into mass production by yearend.

As for semiconductor, newly acquired Covalent Silicon Corporation contributes hugely to GlobalWafers revenue, the accumulated revenue as of June 31 is NTD$ 5.889 billion, net revenue after tax is around NTD$ 0.46, YoY reaches 300%! Semiconductor occupies group share by more than 70% by Q2. With the advantage of complete product series and fabs around the world, GlobalWafers can seize more business initiatives compared to rivals.

Sino Sapphire has grown for 8 months, compared to 2011Q4, MoM achieves 300%; this year nearly breaks even. Being one of the few PSS manufacturers, PSS has accounted for over 99% of shipment, monthly capacity leaps to 0.3 million. After the merger with CrystalWise, it becomes the leader of LED substrate supplier.