SAS August Revenue Leaps 38% Annually

SAS announces August revenue today – the standalone reaches 0.439 billion with MoM 9.9%; the consolidated reaches 1.93 billion with MoM 5.3%, YoY 38%; the accumulated consolidated revenue is 11.97 billion. Soaring revenue indicates SAS great operation performance.

As for semiconductor, with new communication devices stimulate market inquiry, GlobalWafers revenue continues growing; August consolidated revenue is 1.45 billion, MoM 6%, occupying 75% of group profit. Newly announced 20121H financial statement shows GlobalWafers net income contributes 0.46 billion, EPS 1.45, outshines numerous rivals.

As for solar industry, EU has launched an investigation into suspected dumping of solar panels by Chinese producers on September 6th, which surly rocks global solar value chain. Compared with previously applauded American coalition, China will suffer much more owing to Europe accounts 70% of global market. From SAS’ viewpoint, invincible tariff built in main battlefield not only hastens survival game but also modifies oversupply; Taiwan manufacturers will absorb much more orders with the advantage of high conversion efficiency products accordingly. With healthy finance and solid management along with variant products, SAS anchors well in industrial chaotic phase and will soar highly in spring. 

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