SAS announces April 2012 revenue

SAS announces April revenue today. The standalone reaches 0.36 billion while the consolidated reaches 1.73 billion, a huge growth of 112.7% over March; the accumulated revenue of standalone and consolidated are 1.41 billion and 3.83 billion respectively. Semiconductor occupy group profit over 70% from this month, a magnificent milestone for replacing solar product to become main profit source since 2007.

SAS is one of the few solar manufacturers that profited from last year. The Board of Directors resolved to distribute cash dividend of NTD$1.0 to express gratitude for shareholders’ consistent support. 2011 is a challenging year. Not only excessive capacity disordered supply/demand, slipping selling price, European sovereign-debt crisis as well as subsidy cutoff have severely impacted solar industry. SAS carefully chooses order to maintain operation, performs strategic alliance to integrate thoroughly, focuses on quality improvement to gain customer satisfaction, the aforementioned efforts strengthen our step in the industrial adjustment in order to create benefit for both shareholders and employees.

As for semiconductor, subsidiary GlobalWafers grew by over 200% growth in the consolidated revenue of 1.32 billion, mainly contributed by the newly acquired Covalent Silicon Corporation. Also, GlobiTech, the American subsidiary, has reached full utilization and monthly revenue is expected to increase. Semiconductor has accounted for 76% of comprehensive revenue since this month.

Turning to Sapphire, Sino Sapphire announced the merger with Crystalwise on April 25, not only improving industrial integration and synthesis, but also reduces procurement and production costs. With the aforementioned advantages, it’s believed that new Crystalwise will surpass most rivals and expand participation. With RD superiority in crystal growth and high-lighting sapphire substrates of both sides, strengthening patterned and large-size sapphire substrates, new Crystalwise will build a barrier that other competitors are hard to overcome. Sino Sapphire expansion projects are going smoothly. With strong demand of high-lightness product, revenue and profit are expected to grow.

SAS organizes procurement, sales, R&D and QA with strict managing, entering into Japanese region to establish global production and marketing deployment. Our full product differs us from competitors and ramp up.

Sino American Silicon Products Inc.

Spokesman : Simon Tai

TEL : (03)577-2233 #337

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