SAS and GWC 2016 Revenue Hit All Time High Record

Hsinchu, Taiwan, January 6th, 2017 – SAS and GWC today announced 2016 unaudited financial results. Yearly consolidated revenue has recorded another all-time high by reaching NT$31.6 billion. Substantial growth of 2% YOY to NT$13.2 billion was seen in the unaudited revenue of SAS’s solar business, unaudited revenue of its semiconductor subsidiary GWC was NT$18.4 billion, up 20% YOY making almost 58% contribution to the group revenue. After the acquisition of SunEdison Semiconductor on December 2nd 2016, GWC had become the worldwide top 3 semiconductor wafer provider. Contributed by SunEdison Semiconductor adding revenue, GWC group revenue dramatically increased 148% in December 2016! With brilliant performance, both SAS group & GWC group 2016 total revenue hit a new all-time high record again.

In respect of the solar business, this year SAS is ready to launch the following major development projects.
(1) Power farms constructing: SAS will aggressively conduct several investment plans over Taiwan and other countries by using SAS’s own high efficiency wafers, cells and modules, and thus enlarge the construction and investment ratio even higher than in last year.
(2) Accelerating new products Diamond Wire Cut Multi Black wafers and R wafers release.
(3) Accelerating new products High efficiency mono-crystal cells transcending current PERC conversion efficiency.
(4) Accelerating German made cells shipments to USA customers.

In respect of the semiconductor business, GWC is now possesses 17 operational sites in 10 countries after acquisition of SunEdison Semiconductor in December 2016. There are four strategic focuses this year:
(1) Accelerating corporate integration and organizational strengthening
(2) Improving post-acquisition operational efficiency.
(3) Debottlenecking and increasing capacity with least capital expenditure
(4) Turning around SunEdison Semiconductor stand alone operational profits – one of the most crucial targets of GWC in 2017.

Despite of market strong demands in the semiconductor wafers industry where supply cannot meet demand now, GWC will not move to the next capacity expansion before SunEdison Semiconductor turning around and showing a significant synergy to maintain new GWC group always with healthy financial position.