R&D Piloting Cooperation Projects between Industries and Academia at Science Parks achievement highlight. High breakdown voltage, low cost, better quality novel 6 inch bonding substrate!

(SIPA 20180707) GlobalWafers Corporation (Photo1) proudly announce a newly developed GaN on Novel Si on insulator (AIN) (Novel SOI (AIN)) technology for high breakdown enhance mode high electron mobility transsitor (E-mode HEMT) applications(Photo2), a breakaway from typical method of (GaN on Si and GaN on SOI).
All thanks to R&D Piloting Cooperation Projects development jointed working together by 3 parties, GlobalWafers Corporation (GWC), National Nano Device Laboratories (NDL) and National Chiao Tung University (NTCU).
Highlight of three main technologies of this project:
1. Novel SOI substrate with robust high isolated and high heat dissipation characteristic by using AIN insulator instead of SiO2.
2. High breakdown and thinner GaN on Novel SOI (AIN) expitaxy technology.
3. Low damage etching method, introduction of plasma surface process and new gate dielectric layer to improve recess E-mode device performances.
Based on GWC’s extensive Semi-conductor experience and numerous valuable Patents in substrate and epitaxy combining strength of NDL and NTCU in device process, together delivering this substantial and innovative product, which is greatly encouraging in promoting associated industries working towards next power generation and 5G applications.
Photo 1. GWC technological achievement.
Photo 2. 8 inch high breakdown E-mode GaN on Si wafer/ 6” high breakdown E-mode GaN on Novel SOI wafer.

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