In November: SAS Revenue Hits New All-Time High and GWC Records 11th Consecutive Growth

Hsinchu, Taiwan, December 5, 2016 – SAS today announced November financial results which recorded an all-time high in common with that in June. The group consolidated revenue reached NT$2.76 billion, up by 20.4% MoM and 18.0% YoY. Solar business revenue came to NT$1.27 billion, increasing by 47.1% MoM and 9.1% YoY. GWC revenue, SAS’s semiconductor subsidiary, reaching NT$1.49 billion up by 4.2% MoM and 26.7% YoY, also recorded the 11th consecutive growth since this January. The first 11 months of SAS consolidated revenue accumulated to NT$26.88 billion, 3.6% increased comparing with the same period of 2015. In addition, the accumulated revenue for the pure solar business came to NT$12.14 billion, up by 2.9% compared with the corresponding period of last year. Accumulated revenue for the semiconductor business achieved NT$14.74 billion, up by 4.2% on the comparative period of 2015.

In solar business revenue, comparing with Q3 softer demands, SAS has seen solar market with a gradual rising demand in Q4. Both SAS’s high efficiency wafers and cells products have substantially increasing orders than in relative weaker October. Looking forward to 2017, SAS will keep focusing on production efficiency improvement & product quality enhancement in all high efficiency solar wafers, cells & modules. At the same time, we will continuously conduct aggressive cost reduction tasks to meet the renewable energy sources new standard and also make the optimum adjustment in the overall product mix. Furthermore, after the acquisition of SunEdison semiconductor, the semiconductor business unit will have a significant growth than solar business unit that provides SAS group highest confidence to create brilliant performances in 2017.

In semiconductor business revenue, benefitting from the macro market recovery quarter by quarter, there are increasing demands in power, discrete, sensor & memory devices to be used in handset communication and consumer applications. Starting in Q4, GWC all sites have been full capacity running for all 12”, 8” & 6” products, also have been recording the 11th consecutive growth since this January. It is projected that the worldwide demands will continuously increase in 2017 to drive GWC’s further profits improving through higher capacity utilization, profitable product mix and ASP reasonably adjusting up.

On December 2nd, GWC had successfully completed the acquisition of SunEdison Semiconductor and became worldwide top 3 semiconductor wafer manufacturer as well as the leader of all non-Japanese semiconductor wafer providers. Together with the earlier Topsil acquisition on July 1st in obtaining the FZ technology, GWC had completed all diameters wafer manufacturing from 3” to 12”, all types of wafers including epi-wafers, annealed wafers, polished wafers, diffusion wafers, leading high-tech SOI and FZ wafers. Moreover, GWC is possessing 17 sites over the world located in 10 countries including Taiwan, China, USA, Japan, Demark, Poland, Korea, Italy, Malaysia and Singapore to provide worldwide customers the most efficient, effective and highest quality services.

The new and larger GWC will combine current successful operational model and competitive advantages together with SunEdison Semiconductor excellences in 12” & 8” wafer capacity, full range products and profound R&D capability to speed up two companies’ integration in creating new company operational synergy, scale economy, global diversification and resources consolidation for company further growth in 2017.