SAS & GWC September 2022 Revenue Report

Sino-American Silicon Products Inc. (SAS) released September results today that the consolidated revenue totaled NT$7.2 billion with 15.2% YoY, the third highest in history! SAS Q322 consolidated revenue totaled NT$21.6 billion with 6.7% QoQ and 23.4% YoY, continuously breaking the record since Q320. SAS accumulated consolidated revenue from January to September totaled NT$60.7 billion with 19.5% YoY, a new height again! As the market demand for solar increased, SAS’ solar business Q322 revenue hit NT$2.9 billion with 13.6% QoQ and 37.5% YoY. Solar business accumulated revenue from January to September amounted to NT$7.9 billion, surpassing its solar revenue in 2021 whole year!

 SAS’ semiconductor subsidiary, GlobalWafers (GWC), also released its September results today that the consolidated revenue reached NT$6.1 billion with 12.6% YoY, the third highest in the history! Insulated from the weakening end market, GlobalWafers Q322 consolidated revenue totaled NT$18.1 billion with 2.9% QoQ and 17.5% YoY, record-breaking again since Q120! GlobalWafers accumulated consolidated revenue from January to September crossed NT$50 billion milestone, totaling NT$51.9 billion with 14.4% YoY!

 To control rising inflation, governments around the world have announced tighter fiscal policies, casting a shadow on the macroeconomics and weakening consumer electronics. However, semiconductors are the foundation technology for all areas of the economy, not only enable society to function, its importance is escalated to national strategy. In addition, compound semiconductors, as emerging materials, have numerous outstanding properties which are suitable for 5G, fast charging and ultra-high voltage products like electric vehicles and solar inverters, and is anticipated to be boosted by stimulus packages such as EV and net zero carbon emissions. Furthermore, technological advancements will continuously be the driving force for increasing silicon content, giving long-term momentum to the semiconductor industry. GlobalWafers teams with SAS’ reinvestments such as Advanced Wireless Semiconductor Company, Actron Technology Corporation, Taiwan Speciality Chemicals Corporation, Transphorm Inc., Ancora Semiconductors Inc., and etc. to cement its market leadership and strength, aiming to expand the compound semiconductor supply chain in the fast-growing market.

About the solar industry, the heat waves and political fray exacerbate the energy crunch. Soaring price and energy squeeze put a dampener on economics and people’s livelihood. Tax credits and subsidies stabilize solar system construction cost, making solar the most attractive renewable energy to mitigate the energy crisis for countries around the world. As the green energy leader, SAS has successfully shifted from the pure manufacturer of solar cells and modules to a diversified supplier of energy applications and services to seize the opportunities in power plant and green power. With restless efforts, SAS explores and enlarges its business to become a total green energy solution provider.