SAS & GWC June 2022 Revenue Report

Sino-American Silicon Products Inc. (SAS) released June results today that the consolidated revenue totaled NT$7.3 billion with 4.9% MoM and 16.5% YoY. SAS Q222 consolidated revenue totaled NT$20.3 billion with 8% QoQ and 18% YoY. Both of its June and Q2 revenues broke record highs with double-digit growth compared with the same period in 2021! Among them, solar business consolidated revenue totaled NT$949.7 million in June with 14.1% MoM and 15.1% YoY, the highest monthly revenue record since June 2018! Q222 solar consolidated revenue totaled NT$2.6 billion with 10.4% QoQ and 30.7% YoY. SAS 1H22 consolidated revenue totaled NT$39 billion with 17.5% growth compared to 1H21, achieving all-time high!

SAS’ semiconductor subsidiary, GlobalWafers (GWC), also released its June results today that the consolidated revenue reached NT$6.2 billion with 3.3% MoM and 15.4% YoY. GWC Q222 consolidated revenue totaled NT$17.5 billion with 7.6% QoQ and 15.3% YoY. Despite market fluctuations, GWC’s June and Q2 revenues both hit record high! GWC 1H22 consolidated revenue surpassed the 33 billion milestone and achieved record-breaking 33.8 billion, a 12.8% increase year-on-year!

According to World Bank, spillovers from the Russian-Ukraine war have resulted in spiking commodity prices and supply disruptions, decelerating economic activities and steepening the slowdown in global growth. Yet in the semiconductor industry, though some consumer demand is slowing down, momentum is expected to last driven by megatrends such as 5G, industrial and cloud service. Also, net-zero emissions policies lead to a strong shift towards electric vehicles and accelerated charging infrastructure deployment, boosting wide band gap semiconductor demand. Eying this, GlobalWafers has launched a dual-track growth strategy including brownfield and greenfield. The existing capacity expansion plans in Italy, Denmark, USA, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan all proceed smoothly. In parallel, GlobalWafers announced that it selects Texas, USA for new 12” semiconductor silicon wafer site.  With construction in alignment with customers’ long-term agreement and multi-staged equipment installation, GlobalWafers enlarges its capacity steadily and prudently.

In response to Taiwan ministry’s announcement to raise electricity prices from July 1, GlobalWafers and SAS will accelerate the energy optimization projects to reduce power consumption and improve efficiency; in the meantime actively monitor and improve heavy-power-consumption equipment. As a Green Energy Total Solution Provider, SAS applies its profound experience and the advantage of vertically integrated supply chain to assist GlobalWafers in solar power plant deployment, aiming at increasing the green energy weight. Additionally, hiking power price is expected to stimulate enterprise and household solar installations, with Taiwan’s 2050 net-zero transition, green energy led by solar energy are powered by both system and demand fronts with promising prospects.