Hsinchu, Taiwan, May 3, 2022 – GlobalWafers held its board meeting today (May 3, 2022) to approve its financial statements for the first quarter ended on March 31, 2022 with the consolidated revenue reached NT$16.3 billion and YoY increase of 10.1%; gross profit of NT$6.9 billion, gross profit margin of 42.6% with YoY increase of 7.5%; operating income of NT$5.9 billion, operating income margin of 36.1% with YoY increase of 9.4%; net income of NT$1.7 billion, net income margin of 10.7% with YoY decrease of 7.5%; EPS of NT$4.01. Since the first quarter of 2020, quarterly revenue has repeatedly reached new highs! In addition, gross profit margin and operating income margin both achieved the highest record in history!

GlobalWafers’ Q1 2022 EPS was impacted by mark-to-market loss on the shares of Siltronic AG (“Siltronic”). GlobalWafers and its subsidiaries currently hold 13.67% of Siltronic’s total shares outstanding in aggregate. The investment has been recorded as “Non-Current Financial Assets at Fair Value through Profit or Loss” on the financial statements, and its profit/loss are booked on financial assets in accordance with IFRS accounting policy. As at the end of March 2022, low share price of Siltronic and fluctuation of Euro / New Taiwan Dollar exchange rate resulted in valuation loss at fair value measurement. If excluding the aforementioned non-cash valuation loss factor, GlobalWafers’ Q1 2022 EPS would have amounted to NT$14.68 and reached record high!

Today the Board of Directors also approved the cash dividend payment plan for the second half of 2021. As a number of capacity expansion plans are currently underway and the pace of interest rate hikes in various countries is accelerating, the funding cost will increase in the future. The Board of Directors decided to adjust dividend payout ratio down to enrich capital. By investing in capacity expansion, GlobalWafers is empowered to pursue long-term competitiveness and to feedback shareholders with fruitful operating results. The Board of Directors resolved to distribute a cash dividend of NT$8 per share for the second half of 2021, with a total amount of NT$3.48 billion. If the cash dividend of NT$8 per share (total amount of NT$3.48 billion) distributed in the first half is included, an annual cash dividend of NT$16 per share (total annual amount of NT$6.96 billion) is distributed throughout 2021. GlobalWafers’ Annual General Shareholder Meeting will be convened at 9 a.m. on June 21 at the Hsinchu Science Park Life Hub, Taiwan.

The results of the eighth (2021) Corporate Governance Evaluation were announced. GlobalWafers is once again awarded top 5% among all listed companies. The 4th consecutive award demonstrates GlobalWafers’ continuous improvement of corporate governance, and its fulfillment of corporate social responsibility.