SAS & GWC March 2022 Revenue Report

Sino-American Silicon Products Inc. (SAS) released March results today that the consolidated revenue totaled NT$6.7 billion with 9.0% MoM and 8.1% YoY. SAS Q122 consolidated revenue totaled NT$18.8 billion, 3.8% growth compared to Q421 and nearly reached 17% growth compared to Q121, both monthly and quarterly revenue hit the new record high! Solar business consolidated revenue totaled NT$907 million in March with 21.2% MoM and 87.8% YoY; Q122 reached NT$2.3 billion, 87.4% increase compared to Q121. The successive monthly revenue growth since the third quarter of 2020 shows SAS has achieved fruitful results via its diversified strategy in solar energy, semiconductor and reinvestments.

SAS’ semiconductor subsidiary, GlobalWafers (GWC), also released its March results today that the consolidated revenue reached NT$5.7 billion with 7.1% MoM and 0.6% YoY. GWC Q122 consolidated revenue totaled NT$16.3 billion, 3.5% growth compared to Q421 and 10.1% growth compared to Q121. Despite of the strong earthquake of magnitude 7.4 in Japan, the cyberattack on its Japanese subsidiary, power outage in Taiwan, and the severe voltage drop of power supply in Hsinchu Science Park as well as China’s lockdown measures which hampered the production of its Kunshan subsidiary in the first quarter, GlobalWafers overcame headwinds and maintained strong growth momentum. Since the first quarter of 2020, GWC’s revenue has increased sequentially, hitting all time high in both March and Q122! GlobalWafers contributed nearly 90% of revenue to its parent company, SAS.

Though geopolitics and the pandemic cast a shadow of uncertainty, semiconductor supply crunch does not alleviate while demand for advanced wafers in emerging applications continues to increase, propelling GlobalWafers’ long-term agreement coverage and average selling price, future revenue growth is expected. GlobalWafers integrates the group technologies and resources to debottleneck and maximize its output.  The sites in Italy, Denmark, the United States, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan are aggressively carrying out the expansion projects. With investments in the compound semiconductor, GlobalWafers accelerates the development of next-generation products such as SiC and GaN with core technologies, strengthening R&D capabilities, exploring niche markets to create new growth momentum.

Regarding solar industry, Russia-Ukraine war disrupts the global energy supply and forces world leaders to examine their energy policy, which is the cornerstone of national security. The war spotlights the criticality of energy diversification and is expected to supercharge the energy transition not only in Europe but also the whole world. Renewable energy is the path to both greater security and sustainable future and is forecast to scale up since it could help countries to insulate against the upheavals and future oil price shocks. Though supply chain constraints and rising commodity prices provoke short-term uncertainties, the driving force to reach the ultimate net zero climate goal only grows stronger and sustains the renewable energy expansion. Being a green energy total solution provider, SAS takes the advantage of its unparallel operation to seize the trend, expand renewable energy deployment and augment the profits.