SAS & GWC FY2021 Revenue Report

Sino-American Silicon (SAS) announced its revenue today that the consolidated revenue in December 2021 reached NT$5.98 billion, -3.7% MoM and 9% YoY. SAS FY2021 consolidated revenue hit NT$68.8 billion with 12.1% YoY, reached the second highest record! 2021 Q4 consolidated revenue hit NT$18.1 billion, 3.2% QoQ and YoY over 15%, a new record high! Regarding SAS solar business, its monthly revenue in December 2021 achieved NT$650.8 million, -6.4% MoM and 16.1% YoY; solar annual revenue in FY2021 totaled NT$7.6 billion with 26.1% YoY, outstanding performance!

GlobalWafers, the semiconductor subsidiary of SAS, also announced its revenue today. The consolidated revenue in December 2021 reached NT$5.3 billion,    -3.5% MoM and 7.5% YoY. Benefited from the semiconductor booming cycle, its FY2021 consolidated revenue reached NT$61.1 billion, breaking the threshold of 60 billion for the first time! Compared with FY2020, an increase of over 10%! 2021 Q4 consolidated revenue stood at NT$15.8 billion, 2.5% QoQ and 11.4% YoY, both yearly and quarterly revenue hit a new record high! GlobalWafers contributed up to nearly 90% of revenue to its parent company, SAS.

Robust demands in consumer electronics and remote working/education drive the needs for semiconductor. Technological advancements in AI, 5G and EV further boost the growth of semiconductor chips. Yet the recent emergence of Omicron variant and shipping disruption result in rising freight and materials price inflation, the Company faces higher pressure than 2021. GlobalWafers uses the advantages of the group scale economics as leverage for price negotiation and flexibly arranges production and transportation to work out the best measure and minimize the impact.

Regarding solar industry outlook, the results of Taiwan referendum showed that Taiwan will advance a greener future. Taiwan government announces to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, the capacity of renewable power in Taiwan is expected to grow consistently. Also, extreme climate has forced many nations to prioritize green energy, clean power becomes the key for energy transition. Among all, solar energy with mature technologies and affordable prices is the main focus and leads a promising future. However, labor and material shortages resulted by the epidemic cast a looming shadow. SAS will strictly control costs, actively negotiate with suppliers, and restlessly monitor prices as countermeasure against all the challenges.