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SAS Group Showcases the Compound Semiconductor Capabilities in OPTO Taiwan

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Hsinchu, Taiwan, December 21, 2021 – “The 30th International Optoelectronics Exposition” held by Photonics Industry & Technology Development Association is taking place in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall 1 from today (Dec 21) to Dec 23. Sino-American Silicon Products Inc.(SAS) group devotes to the foundation of various innovations – compound semiconductors, such as SiC, GaN, GaAs, LiTaO3, LiNbO3, etc. SAS collaborates with GlobalWafers, its semiconductor subsidiary, and the reinvestments – Advanced Wireless Semiconductor Company (AWSC), Actron Technology Corporation (ATC), and Crystalwise Technology Inc. (CWT) to showcase the capabilities in compound semiconductor and features the wideband gap solutions in the exposition.


In the exhibition, GlobalWafers presents its niche products – SiC Wafers, Ultra-thin SiC Wafers, SiC boule, and GaN Epi wafers, demonstrating GlobalWafers’ strength in the compound semiconductor. By combining its profound experiences in crystal growth and wafering, GlobalWafers has successfully developed various sizes of SiC and GaN wafers which have earned recognition from domestic and abroad customers. In addition, with solid R&D expertise and proficient manufacturing capability as well as benefitting from the integration strategy of the SAS group, GlobalWafers actively aims at compound semiconductors and seizes the booming market of electric vehicles, fast charging, and 5G for future profitable growth.


Focusing on wireless and optical communication, Advanced Wireless Semiconductor (AWSC) showcases its expertise in 5G, Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and LiDAR with low latency, high speed and big data for car communication and safe driving. With years of dedication in III-V Compound Semiconductor – GaAs, AWSC is customer’s trustworthy partner by providing customized foundry service to enhance their competitiveness with differentiated products in the market and diversified technologies that could be applied on multiple fronts, including power amplifier and low noise amplifier of phone and WiFi for consumer electronics, base station and LEO for infrastructure as well as facial recognition (ToF) and LiDAR for VCSEL. AWSC secures its leadership as top 3  6” GaAs foundry worldwide with R&D advancement and expansion coupled with resources from SAS, in the meantime, AWSC keeps developing the 3rd Generation Compound Semiconductor – GaN for future high-end RF applications.


Actron Technology Corporation’s (ATC) current products are gradually migrating towards to energy saving and carbon reduction, ranging from automobile rectifier diode, low loss diode to ultra-low loss diode. In the future, fuel vehicles will be replaced by electric vehicles under the carbon neutrality trend. This time it focuses on new energy saving vehicle leading products, including SiC Module, IGBT Module and EV Charger. ATC has been leading the conventional diode in business for many years and has a leading position in the global market for automotive alternator diodes. In the new energy vehicle market, ATC also demonstrates its research and development capabilities for automotive power modules, which are displayed in the exhibition. SiC Module and IGBT Module for new energy vehicles are newly released, and ATC also expands the application of SiC to EV Charger and industrial machinery, etc. In addition to market share of the original automobile rectifier diode, ATC is also actively deploying the new energy vehicle power module market for future.


Crystalwise Technology Inc. (CWT) exhibits the crucial intermediate products for key component manufacturing, including sapphire substrate for LED application, GaAs substrate for VCSEL application, LiTaO3 and LiNbO3 substrate for acoustic filter application. CWT has been deeply engaged in the field of crystal growth and wafer processing of hard and brittle materials for decades. In recent years, CWT continues to invest in research and development and expand capacity on 5G key components – surface acoustic wave filter substrate. Not only be deemed the valued partner by Japanese and Korean customers, CWT also restlessly approaches new customers in various regions. CWT builds its relationship on collaborating with customers, especially co-development on large scale product. The 6” patterned sapphire substrate and the recently developed 8” sapphire substrate exhibited are the key indicators for mini LED and next-generation micro LED applications. Apart from the above, CWT also demonstrates its strong R&D capability with innovative 4” and 6” GaAs substrates and 4”/6” LiTaO3 and LiNbO3 crystals and polished wafers that could be entirely manufactured in-house.


With various technological advancement such as 5G, IoT, AI and electric vehicles, the requirement for efficiency and performance of its foundation, semiconductor, is stringent. Compound semiconductors which enable noticeable improvements become the solution. Eyeing the opportunity, SAS expands its deployment in semiconductor industry with vertical integration. Through GlobalWafers’ compound semiconductor wafers, AWSC as GaAs foundry, ATC’s automotive power modules, and CWT’s key substrates for numerous components, each company makes the best use of its advantages and maximizes synergy via collaboration to strengthen its leadership with powerful presence in compound semiconductor supply chain.