GWC will be Attending LED Taiwan 2016 to Present the Latest Research Result of the Key Material for Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Devices

GWC will be attending LED Taiwan 2016 from April 13 – 16 held by SEMI Taiwan and TAITRA. As one of the top silicon wafer providers over the world, GWC never stops to innovate future generation of substrate materials. In line with the show topic, GWC is well prepared to present the progress we’ve made in the key material for wide bandgap semiconductor devices at the Power Device Area.

At LED Taiwan 2016, GWC will display Si, GaN and Sic products sorted by different power applications, among which the 3-12”Si products include epi-wafers, annealed wafers, polish wafers and SOI, while 6” and 8” Crack Free GaN/Si will be displayed as GaN products as well as boul and double side polish chips as SiC products. In the meanwhile information on the key materials, technology and products in connection with the demand in the power device semiconductor market will also be presented at the show. What is more, the vice president of GWC’s R&D center, Dr. Chuck Hsu, will deliver a speech on the specific topic “The Key Material for Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Devices” at 1:30PM April 13th for TechXPOT held by LED Taiwan, bringing relevant technological discussions and introductions to various application range as well as GWC’s strategy arrangement and market position in the semiconductor power application area.

With the rapid change of terminal products day by day, the reliability and precision of power devices have become more demanding in the market, and the key to innovate new technology and products is determined by high quality Si-wafers. GWC, with the best research team focusing on the development of advanced technology and new products, enables itself to create the largest competitiveness toward high quality wafers with core technology, product differentiation as to become a leading provider of 3-12” professional wafer materials with a complete full series Si-product line in Taiwan. The GWC group strides across a variety of product range. The management team is committed to innovation growth as well as new development for the semiconductor technology of the next generation so as to more positively work on the expansion of new application range and market strategy for the future. This is our goal to keep us strong with advanced technology and excellent product portfolio.

The renowned Si-wafer products manufactured by GWC are able to meet the terminal customers’ needs of various requirements by providing super flat, ultra high or low resistivity products as well as robust substrates further developed for GaN products. GWC made a brilliant progress in the research of this new substrate. Cracks and distortion caused by thermal stress have been considerably improved by which it enables the yield improvement of chip process and flexible adjustment range widened with high stability so as to accelerate the product development for customers. We take further step to provide relevant product services by robust substrate process development with sufficient experiences in making GaN Epitaxy. The SiC plays a decisive role in high power application areas as 4G/5G high frequency, automobile electronics and high-speed rail etc. Under the high technical threshold for SiC crystal growth mastered mostly by USA and Russia, GWC uses its experience of years in mono-crystal growth technology as the foundation to commit to the SiC development in an attempt to accelerate related products launched and commercialized through key material development with wide bandgap material advantages of showing lower consumption and higher frequency. Driven by the global Industry 4.0 of smart and high power components, low power consumption green materials such as GaN and SiC are significantly to play a meaningful role in the future market. GWC will be delighted to announce our new products at the LED Taiwan Power Devices Area as well as a speech at TechXPOT to present the brilliant result by our research and development team to the world.

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