GWC Reports 2018 Full Year Results EPS of NT$31.18 and NT$25 Cash Dividend per Share

Hsinchu, Taiwan, March 19, 2019 – The board of directors of GlobalWafers Co., Ltd. (GWC) today approved the full-year financial statements ended December 31, 2018. Consolidated revenue was NT$59.06 billion, 27.8% increase from the previous year. Gross profit was NT$22.30 billion, 88.8% increase year over year. Operating profit was NT$17.58 billion, 137.1% increase year over year. Income before tax was NT$18.25 billion, 165.5% from the previous year. Net income attributed to parent company was NT$13.63 billion, 158.4% increase year over year. Earnings per share was NT$31.18, a significant growth of NT$18.5 than NT$12.68 in 2017.
GWC has remarkably recorded an all-time high performance in revenue, operating profit, net income and EPS for the year of 2018 operational results.
The GWC Board today also adopted a proposal of recommending a historic high cash dividend of NT$25 per common share. The total amount of the cash dividend has amounted up to NT$10.88 billion, representing a satisfying feedback to all shareholders. GWC 2019 Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be convened at 9: 00 a.m. on June 25, 2019 at HsinChu Science Park Life Hub.
GWC is the leader in Taiwan’s wafer industry as well as the third largest semiconductor wafer supplier in the world. Affected by international political turbulences and trade tensions, recent global economic environment including the demand for the semiconductor market has been slowing down slightly. However, since most of GWC production capacities have been taken by the long-term agreement (LTA) customers, we foresee the impact to GWC would be much less than others. Furthermore, with worldwide multiple sites global logistics supporting, close to customers of local supplying, flexible shipments, GWC has the competitive advantages in meeting customers’ demands.
Moving ahead, the rapid development of innovative applications such as automotive electronics, 5G networks, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, high-performance computing, and power semiconductor devices etc. will be the main factors to drive the market growth. GWC will continue to search for new technological breakthroughs and new product innovations with Group’s synergies so as to achieve another touchdown in the future.

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