GWC releases group consolidated September revenue as NT$1.42 billion, which is with 0.3% MOM growth and 11.8% YOY growth. The third quarter revenue reaches NT$4.26 billion, 13.3% growth comparing to 2015 Q3 revenue and 9.3% increasing than 2016 Q2 revenue. The first three quarters accumulated revenue is NT$11.81 billion, 0.2% over the same period last year. Brilliantly performing in the first three quarters, GWC records 9th consecutive months revenue growth!

Besides, in May, GWC was awarded and funded from Taiwan Science Park “Industry-University Cooperative Research Programs” by its R&D project — “Gallium nitride epitaxial engineering of the low-resistance silicon substrate and RF components development program”. Further in August, GWC was awarded and funded again from Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs “A+ Industrial Innovation R&D Programs” via its another R&D project — “S.I.-SiC Wafers and GaN Components in next generation Communications Devices”. GWC has been continuously injecting significant efforts and resources in new generation technology and devices development also successfully achieving more technology and products innovation for company future growth!

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