GWC June Revenue 6th Consecutive Growth

GWC today reported revenue of June. Consolidated revenue reached NT$1.34 billion, 1.4% growth MOM and 1.7% growth YOY. Consolidated revenue for the first half has totaled NT$7.55 billion with brilliant consecutive growth for 6 months from January to June.
Recovery from the recession for the global semiconductor industry during the last second half has been seen gradually since the beginning of this year. Order momentum for small and medium size silicon wafers is growing much higher than expectation that enables GWC to experience subsequent production at full capacity.
GWC has officially implemented the acquisition for the semiconductor business of Topsil Semiconductor Materials A/S (“Topsil”) on July 1st in Denmark with stock transference fully completed. New names are given to Topsil GlobalWafers A/S as Topsil in Denmark and to Topsil Semiconductors sp z o.o. as Topsil in Poland. Doris Hsu, the chairman and CEO of GWC serves as the new chairman of Topsil GlobalWafers A/S, and is aggressively ready for the platform integration between GWC group and Topsil from sales, purchasing, manufacturing, researches and finance.