GWC 10th Month Consecutive Revenue Growth with Accumulated Q1-Q3 EPS NTD 3.0

Hsinchu, Taiwan, November 3, 2016 – GWC board approved 2016 Q3 financial results today. The Q3 consolidated revenue reached NT$4.27 billion, which was 9.3% increasing than the second quarter (NT$3.90 billion) and 13.3% higher than prior year (NT$3.76 billion). Gross profits were NT$1.04 billion, 0.7% slightly lower than previous quarter (NT$1.05 billion.) Operating profits were NT$0.55 billion, decreased by 12.9% from last quarter (NT$0.64 billion.) Net income attributed to the parent company was NT$0.37 billion, 18.2% lower than the second quarter (NT$0.45 billion) whose EPS was NT$1.0. GWC standalone revenue from January to September was NT$5.00 billion. GWC group 9 months consolidated revenue was NT$11.81 billion, operating profits as NT$1.62 billion, net income to the parent company as NT$1.11 billion, and accumulated EPS as NT$3.0.

GWC also released October financial results with consolidated revenue NT$1.43 billion, which is 0.12% MOM growth and 21.8% YOY growth. It is the 10th consecutive month revenue growth this year! The accumulated consolidated revenue from January to October is NT$13.25 billion.

Continue this year growing demands of power, discrete, sensor, memory devices in handsets, consumers, communications, automotive markets, GWC keeps getting customers increasing demands in Q4. It is projected to have the quarter by quarter growing revenue for 2016. It is also believed current semiconductor wafers ASP had dropped to the bottom in this semiconductor cycle. In view of overall operational pressures from manufacturing materials cost and exchange rate, tighter supply capacity … etc., GWC is sincerely considering to adjust up silicon wafers price from the first quarter of 2017.

With respect to GWC’s acquisition of SunEdison Semiconductor, GWC had successfully got the approval from the US Federal Committee on Foreign Investment (CIFIUS) and the approvals from both US and German antitrust authorities. The deal is subjecting to SunEdison Semiconductor’s shareholders voting meeting approve on Nov. 7th. And the whole acquisition is expected to be closed by December 31st after remaining regulatory completely approved.

Being the top 3 semiconductor wafers supplier after merging Sun Edison Semiconductor, GWC will immediately create all scopes synergy in manufacturing, sales, purchasing, logistics, and R&D to meet coming year large size wafers increasing demands and enhance new GWC group profits.

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