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GlobalWafers Reports Third Quarter 2020 Financial Results

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Hsinchu, Taiwan, November 3, 2020 – GlobalWafers Co., Ltd. (GWC) board approved Q3 2020 earnings results today with the consolidated revenue of NT$14.01 billion, gross profit of NT$5.22 billion, operating profit of NT$4.08 billion, net income attributable to the parent company of NT$3.39 billion, and EPS amounts to NT$7.78! Operating profit margin was 29.1%, net profit margin was 24.2% of the third quarter ended September 30, 2020.

Regarding year-to-date financial results, GWC achieved accumulated consolidated revenues of NT$41.22 billion, year-over-year 7.5% decrease, also with gross profit NT15.44 billion, year-over-year 12.7% decrease, operating profit NT$12.11 billion, a decrease of 13.8% year-on-year, net income attributed to parent company NT$9.67 billion, a decrease of 9.96% year-over-year. Accumulated EPS amounted to NT$22.21, down by NT$2.46. In the first three quarters in 2020, GWC hit the second highest in operating profit margin and net profit margin!

Semiconductor market has remained largely resistant to global macroeconomic headwinds mainly because the pandemic also leads to a shift to life pattern; remote working and schooling accelerate the growth of IT infrastructure including PC, cloud computing, server and database. Many nations consider 5G a crucial strategy to offset the sluggish economy and are accelerating infrastructure construction, translating into the consistent momentum for semiconductor. Sequential growth in shipments and sales contributes to GlobalWafers’ remarkable performance in revenue and profit.

In the future, though pandemic, currency volatility and political uncertainty cast dark shadows over the industry, semiconductor long-term outlook is still positive underpinned by launches of various new technical products as well as national stimulus packages. As for industry shifts and geopolitical responses, many semiconductor companies are reconfiguring their supply chains to improve resiliency, thus local production and supply chain are prioritized. GWC is well-positioned to supply globally and locally with extensive global footprint, and is agile and adaptable to challenges brought by trade disputes in the post-pandemic era. GWC carefully evaluates industry trends and developments, strengthens supply chain risk management and BCP (Business Continuity Plan), focus on forward-thinking and prioritizes on advanced products to create irreplaceable position, at the same time enhances its portfolio on niche wafers, and further transforms its complete product offering and solid financial structure into unassailable strength in the ever-changing world !