GlobalWafers’ Malaysian Plant Resumes Production with Government Approval

GlobalWafers (GWC) announces today (3/19) that its Malaysian plant resumes production with government permission.

Malaysia imposes restricted movement order from March 18 to contain COVID-19. After the deliberation among relevant authorities, Malaysian government resolves to exclude certain industries, and semiconductor is in the exemption list with production approval. The approved companies must comply with certain governmental requirements. With fulfillment of such requirements, GWC’s Malaysian plant is granted resumption approval and production is back to normal.

Impacted by COVID-19, the supply and demand in the 6 inch and below silicon wafer market is tight. GWC’s Malaysian plant dedicates in 6 inch silicon wafer, and is fully loaded now. With resumption approval from the government, the plant could continue production normally and is able to deliver products to customers as the original schedule to satisfy the strong demand in time.