GlobalWafers Announces Expansion on its Taisil Branch to Boost 300mm Wafer Capacity

GlobalWafers held the groundbreaking ceremony for the expansion of its Taisil Branch this morning (6/16).

GlobalWafers actively increases its strategic deployment in Taiwan’s semiconductor industry. With the repatriation of more than NT$10 billion offshore funds, GlobalWafers prioritizes the investment in Taisil Branch expansion to accommodate advanced machines and equipments. It is expected to complete the plant construction, equipments installation and start mass production within two years.

GlobalWafers’ Taisil Branch mainly focuses on producing and selling 300mm silicon wafers. To meet the demand of high-quality wafers driven by the rapid technological advancements in manufacturing and process, GlobalWafers decides to expand Taisil Branch with cutting-edge equipments and instruments to improve the capacity of the leading 300mm silicon wafers targeting at the fast growing market of miniaturization, lightweight, low-power consumption but capable of high-speed computing. The completion of construction and mass production will expand GlobalWafers’ high-end silicon wafer capacity, augment growth and cement its foundation for sustainable operation.