GlobalWafers Announces 2019 First Quarter Results with All-Time High Gross Margin, Operating Profit, Net Profit, EBITDA and EPS of NT$8.88

Hsinchu, Taiwan, May 7, 2019 – GlobalWafers Co., Ltd. (GWC) board of directors today approved Q1 2019 earnings results with consolidated revenue of NT$15.59 billion, and all time high gross profit of NT$6.39 billion, operating profit of NT$5.2 billion, net income attributable to the parent company of NT$3.86 billion, and EPS of NT$8.88 for the first quarter ended March 31, 2019!
With the operating margin 34% and net profit margin 25%, GWC’s first quarter results represented year over year 12% increase in consolidated revenue, 27% increase in gross profit, 33% up in operating income, 39% increase in net income attributable to the parent company, and NT$2.52 up from NT$6.36 EPS as of same period last year. GWC achieved an impressive Q1 2019 operation performance with a historic second high revenue, and all-time high records in growth margin, operating profit, net profit, EBITDA and earnings per share of NT$8.88.
In the fifth corporate governance evaluation results, GWC was first time ranked as one of the top 5% corporate in Taiwan which was demonstrating company continuous efforts, improvements and achievements in corporate governance, also fulfilling corporate social responsibility.