GlobalWafers 2019 Revenue hit NT$58 billion, the Second Highest in record

GlobalWafers releases the revenue today that the consolidated sales of December 2019 hit NT$4.74 billion, MoM + 9.1% and YoY -8.8%. Comparing to 2018, even had a slight decrease of 1.6%, GlobalWafers still reached NT$58.094 billion of 2019 annual consolidated sales. Throwback the year 2019, impacted by both trade tension and the geopolitical issues, the economic environment was going through a very stormy situation with various changes and uncertainties. Although under such conditions and the soft demands in the semiconductor industry, GlobalWafers still soared high against the wind with a record that made the second highest revenue in history!

With industry inventories declining since mid-2019, silicon wafer market will be recovering from 2020. Moreover, with the wide spreading of 5G and plenty of upcoming technologies on smartphones, VR, AI, IoT, automotive electronics etc, the demand of silicon wafers will increase globally.

At end of December 2019, GlobalWafers has repatriated the first overseas fund with the amount over NT$3 billion, which will be invested to Taisil Electronic Materials for expanding 300mm wafers capacity. There will be more funds from abroad back to GlobalWafers recently in order to optimize GlobalWafers’ deployment in Taiwanese semiconductor industry and to build the solid foundation for its sustainable management.