GlobalWafers 2019 Record High Performance – EPS NT$31.35 with Cash Dividend NT$25 Per Share

GlobalWafers today (3/17) held the Board meeting and approved 2019 financial results. GlobalWafers 2019 consolidated revenue totaled NT$58.094 billion with YoY -1.6%; gross profit NT$22.847 billion with YoY +2.5%; operating income NT$17.897 billion with YoY +1.8%; profit before tax NT$18.554 billion with YoY +1.6%; net income attributed to the parent company NT$13.644 billion with YoY +0.1%; 2019 EPS reached NT$31.35, increasing NT$0.17 from NT$31.18 in 2018, hit the company record high!

Impacted by global trade tension and geopolitical conflicts, 2019 global semiconductor market demands, dropped from previous industry super cycle peak in 2018, and orders eroded quarter by quarter continuously.  GlobalWafers, however, overcame market headwind and reached company 2nd Best revenue, also Best-Ever gross profit, operating profit, net profit, net profits attributed to the parent company and EPS.

Today’s board meeting also approved 2019 cash dividend distribution of NT$25 per share via earning and capital surplus to shareholders, same highest dividend amount as 2018. There are more than NT$10.8 billion cash to be distributed to all shareholders.  Besides, 2020 Annual General Shareholder Meeting will be convened at 9:00 a.m. on June 23 in HsinChu Science Park Life Hub, Taiwan.

Regarding 2020, COVID-19 and global trade tension have been attacking global economy severely, including semiconductor market. Global semiconductor industry future demands, however, would be heavily fluctuated by COVID-19 & trade tension resuming progress. As long as the turbulences were resolved, the semiconductor market demands will be bounced back rapidly by those technology advancements like 5G, Memories, AI, IoT, automotive electronics, VR, game consoles and etc.

Keeping continue investments in Taiwan, GlobalWafers had repatriated US$350 million overseas fund to enhance Taiwan HQ R&D capability in new products deployment, also expand advanced products capacity, and green energy development, which will help GlobalWafers to maintain market leading role & sustainable foundation in semiconductor wafers industry.