GlobalWafers 2018 AGM Approved All-Time High Cash Dividend of NT$25

GlobalWafers Co., Ltd. (GWC) held its 2019 Annual General Meeting (AGM) at Hsinchu Science Park today and acknowledged 2018 business report, financial statements as well as the all time high dividend of NT$25 to all shareholders.
In today AGM, GWC recognized 2018 financial statements as of a consolidated revenue NT$59.06 billion with the highest earnings per share of NT$31.18 and NT$13.63 billion net income attributable to the parent company. In addition, the shareholders’ meeting also approved the cash dividend of NT$25 per common share. The record date is scheduled on July 23 and cash dividend payable date on August 9.
Through group all factories operational synergy, GWC achieved the impressive 2018 financial performances with the record high annual revenue, net income and earnings per share. Continuously outperforming in the first quarter 2019, GWC created the second highest consolidated quarterly revenue of NT$15.59 billion, and all time high operating profit of NT$5.2 billion, net income attributable to the parent company of NT$3.86 billion and EPS of NT$8.88. Regardless the softer semiconductor industry market and customers’ inventories adjustment in the 1st half of 2019, GWC still stands firmly with January to May accumulated revenue NT$25.16 billion, 8.1% growth from the same period of last year.
In the latest (the fifth) corporate governance evaluation results, GWC was ranked as one of the top 5% corporate among all Taiwanese listing companies. Furthermore, according to Commonwealth magazine’s survey of Taiwan’s Top 2000 Enterprises of 2018, GWC was also ranked as the 70th manufacturing company in Taiwan, top 10 semiconductor companies and the 3rd company with best operating performance.

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