Global Wafers Co., Ltd. (6488 TT) the largest manufacturer specializing in 3”to 12”silicon wafer manufacturing in Taiwan and also the sixth largest manufacturer in the world, ready to list in emerging market on October 28th

GlobalWafers, the subsidiary of Sino-American Silicon, spun off from semiconductor business on October 18st, 2011. The paid-in capital of Global Wafers Co., Ltd is NT$3,175 million (USD$103 million) by the end of September 2014.
GlobalWafers which was part of SAS group in semiconductor business acquired the largest North American epitaxial wafers company GlobiTech as a 100% shareholder on April 1st, 2008. The acquisition acquired TI and MEMCs’outstanding technical and management teams of silicon and epitaxial wafers for future growth. GlobalWafers has now built direct contact to tier-1 companies from GlobiTech such as TI, ON-Semi, IR, Vishay and FSC to provide better services with quality.

In addition, to enlarge semiconductor business scale, market share and improve industrial integration, GlobalWafers also successfully acquired the silicon wafer business of Covalent Materials Corporation which was part of Toshiba group and now is the sixth-largest manufacturer in the world. On January 1st, 2013, Covalent Materials Corporation was renamed GlobalWafers Japan. Besides superior core technology, capacity expansion and tier-1 customers like Toshiba, Fujitsu and Panasonic, the acquisition also increases operation synthesis and value as well as completes the product portfolio, including 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”, 8” and 12”wafers. GlobalWafers now possesses a complete production line from ingot growth, slicing, etching, diffusion, polishing and epitaxy with high value products include EPI wafers, annealed wafers, polished wafers, etched wafers, ultra thin wafers and deep diffusion wafers. GlobalWafers is no doubt the professional supplier of all wafer series.

Moreover, GlobalWafers has not only managed to acquire and expand production capacity, core technology, customer bases and improved material bargaining power but also integrated both American and Japanese management experiences in the semiconductor IDM fields. According to financial reports, GlobalWafers has quickly turnaround on both operating and profit performances in the past 3 years. The revenues have reached NTD$14 billion, 15.6 billion and 11.95 billion in 2012, 2013 and through 2014Q3; net income amounted to NTD$980 million, 1.98 billion and 1.55 billion; EPS also improved from NTD$3.44, NTD$6.22 to NTD$4.88 respectively. Overall, revenue and profit outlook are expected to have strong performance in the second half of 2014.

Yuanta Securities has closely accompanied along the side with GlobalWafers over the past years. Based on researches, GlobalWafers has been focusing on energy applications, from the rectifier element to power management, driver IC, vehicle power, sensor IC, information communications, MEMS and other niche fields, extensive product range of applications benefit from wearable devices, networking and automotive markets. The highly expanding demand and potential growing market have driven IC 8-inch semiconductor manufacturing processes, which GlobalWafers possesses the world’s largest completed production line in capacity, and also focusing on 12-inch plant with variety of new product developments.

GlobalWafers is taking itself ahead to continue development of future generation products to obtain a completed industrial chain in semiconductor industry in Taiwan. Therefore, high efficiency epitaxial crystal technology development, stressing among customers in both dimensions technically and strategically strengthen partnership with customers to achieve a win-win situation. GlobalWafers has set itself with high standard goals to become the world’s best quality, most efficient and most completed product range of world-class silicon wafer supplier.

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