Further Stepping into Semiconductor Industry, SAS becomes Major Shareholder of Taiwan Special Chemical Corporation

Hsinchu, Taiwan, June 7, 2018 – The SAS board of directors today adopted a proposal recommending the investment to Taiwan Special Chemical Corporation (TSC.) SAS, by investing NT$990 million, will acquire a 30.93% shareholding and become the number one shareholder of TSC, showing its positive ambition in developing semiconductor business so as to create greater profitability for the company and for all shareholders.

Established in 2013, TSC has developed high purity disilance production technology successfully, completed its fab construction in 2017 with annual capacity of 40 tons disilane and 4 tons trisilane respectively, and is likely to become the pioneer key semiconductor chemicals (disilance and trisilane) manufacturer in Taiwan and Asia.
Disilane and trisilane have played the most important key role for the upstream materials in the semiconductor industry. TSC is capable of producing outstanding quality materials with international standard specifications. Apart from Voltaix and Mitsui Chemicals, TSC has vaulted itself into the position as top 3 high purity disilance and top 2 high purity trisilane supplier worldwide. Owing to semiconductor evolution to advanced process and 3D IC design, disilane and trisilane are irreplaceable and essential for process cooling and uniform circuit spread for yield rate improvement. TSC also has been actively negotiating long-term supply agreements and cooperation projects with many tier-1 manufacturers. In light of this, TSC is likely to become one of the major disilane and trisilane supplier worldwide and able to forge ahead into this industry supply chain in alliance with long-term business network contributed by GWC (GlobalWafers Co., Ltd.)

Currently the global solar market is experiencing a severe situation. In response to Taiwan government’s green policy, SAS is cautiously managing its solar business and aggressively devotes in solar power plant construction cooperating with partners from various industries. SAS also enthusiastically extends its strategic deployment in critical supply chain of semiconductor industry, not only aiming to maximize group synergy but also to minimize possible impact upon SAS from the volatile solar market. In addition to the ownership of a 50.84% shareholding at its subsidiary GWC, this TSC investment is expected to boost SAS’ operation as well as group synergy, bringing meaningful and optimistic future performance.

Sino-American Silicon Products Inc.
Spokesman: Chungwei Lee / Vice President, Corporate Development
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