Both SAS and GWC Revenue Increased in March and 2020 Q1 SAS – March up 17.0% MoM , Q1 up 0.2% QoQ GWC – March up 18.0% MoM , Q1 up 0.1% QoQ

Sino-American Silicon Products (SAS) released March results today that the consolidated revenue totaled NT$5.67 billion with 17.0% MoM and -9.9% YoY, which included solar revenue of NT$623 million with 9.8% MoM and -0.5% YoY. As of 2020 Q1, SAS consolidated revenue totaled NT$15.28 billion, 0.2% growth compared to 2019 Q4 and 12.7% decline compared to 2019 Q1. Solar products consolidated revenue in 2020 Q1 reached NT$1.76 billion, 1.5% growth compared to 2019 Q4 and 7.9% decline compared to 2019 Q1.

SAS’s semiconductor subsidiary, GlobalWafers (GWC), also released its March results today that the consolidated revenue reached NT$5.05 billion with 18% MoM and -10.9% YoY. As of 2020 Q1, GWC consolidated revenue totaled NT$13.52 billion, 0.1% growth compared to 2019 Q4 and 13.3% decline compared to 2019 Q1.

As COVID-19 rages unabated across the world and the outspread is ongoing particularly in Europe and the U.S., SAS and GWC have been continuously monitoring and evaluating the evolvement and applying strict prevention measures, considering employees’ health and customers’ trust as top priority, building safety inventory for all necessary raw materials in advance. Currently Taiwan Headquarters and all sites abroad maintain normal productions. However, due to several nations imposed border control which interrupted international transportation, limited cargo space resulting in higher freight charge, increased barriers on raw material import and products export then implied higher overall cost.

To meet the worldwide urgent needs of medical supplies, hardware for remote working and the safety stockpiling from the customers to prevent supply disruption, GWC‘s 2020 Q2 wafer demands are quite strong, all sites around the world are in full loading to meet customers’ robust demands. On the other hand, impacted by COVID-19, SAS is facing low visibility on the solar products in 2020 Q2.

Regarding the global economic of second half of the year 2020, it will be heavily relying on the evolvement of COVID-19. Market supply and demand will be back to normal while the containment is working effectively, SAS will be benefited from solar business recovery, GWC will also get strong and robust orders stably.