About SAS-Sunrise

SAS Sunrise is a worldwide solar energy system company. We make investments globally to establish and operate solar power plants and are forming transnational EPC as well as our own outstanding maintenance team. SAS Sunrise devotes itself to reduce the cost of power generation with solar energy by continuously researching and developing different off-grid solutions, such as agriculture with solar energy, telecommunications system, battery storage, and many more. We strive to extend the energy connection to every small village by solar energy solutions and to create a cleaner resource for the planet.

SAS Sunrise is a reinvestment company of Sino-American Silicon Products Inc. (SAS), a leading solar wafer, cell and module provider in Taiwan. We have established presence on the complete solar value chain from manufacturing to system integration and continue efforts of the group, forging alliances aggressively with global solar EPC to establish solar energy power plants all over the world. By aiming at becoming a worldwide solar energy solution provider, we work towards fulfilling our responsibility as a global citizen in the environmental protection of the Earth.