According to statistics, 64% of the vegetative care is mainly taken care of by women, who is also the main responsible person. However, when all the responsibility for caring, and even the financial burden, falls on them, causing them to suffer serious physical and mental pressure, especially in cases belonging to vulnerable families, making the living conditions of the caregivers even more difficult. SAS Group and GlobalWafers Group have long been committed to assisting disadvantaged groups in society. Given that women in disadvantaged families face severe care pressure and financial pressure from vegetative people, if we can provide assistance to share and reduce the care pressure of these families, it will be like a strong backing for these vulnerable families, allowing family functions working normally. We cooperate with Genesis Social Welfare Foundation and hope to contribute to these families.


Much appreciate for the perseverance and hard work of Genesis Social Welfare Foundation, so that disadvantaged families can be valued by all walks of life. Above all is Genesis Social Welfare Foundation transforming the resources from all walks of life and the efforts of the foundation colleagues into the strongest support for these families. In addition, much grateful for the love of every participant of SAS Group and GWC Group. You made the families who under serious pressure but still can feel the warmth from the society. When the pressure has been released for these families due to the resource that we provide, it not only make them don’t feel isolated anymore and can keep moving on, but also make our determination even further to pay attention on disadvantaged and keep contributing our love to Taiwan society.