“Angel”is the name for children with physical and mental developmental disabilities. According to the statistics of the Ministry of Health and Welfare in 2016, in Taiwan, one of every 14 families is“Angel Family” and there are approximate 810 thousand“Angel Family” facing the difficulty in taking care of their children. “Angel”needs their parents to take care most of the time, but there is no one who can totally trust and help them to shoulder the burden. It makes parents hard to have some breathing space. No matter how tired it can be, parents still grit their teeth and keep going on, but this determination is exhausting their spirit and body. Once parents couldn't hold on anymore, how do the children who are not independent do without parents? There is a wish deep down in every parents heart that they want to stay with their children more longer. SAS Group and GWC Group have been engaged in assisting disadvantaged people in society for long time In view of the serious pressure that Angels parents facing with, and they have no space of rest, it not only makes Angels receive inadequate caring, but also let parents can’t stand it any more. It would be lifesaver for these families that if we can provide our assistance. In addition to shoulder the burden, it can also let Angels families keep moving on.


Much appreciate for the perseverance and hard work of Genesis Social Welfare Foundation, so that disadvantaged families can be valued by all walks of life. Above all is Genesis Social Welfare Foundation transforming the resources from all walks of life and the efforts of the foundation colleagues into the strongest support for these families. In addition, much grateful for the love of every participant of SAS Group and GWC Group. You made the families who under serious pressure but still can feel the warmth from the society. When the pressure has been released for these families due to the resource that we provide, it not only make them don’t feel isolated anymore and can keep moving on, but also make our determination even further to pay attention on disadvantaged and keep contributing our love to Taiwan society.