According to the statistics of Taiwan Fund for Children and Families, there are 51% families who have children of elementary school or older that choose to let them stay at home because they can take care of each other; there are 91% parents who haven’t applied for COVID family care leave. This not only shows that parents are forced to make the older child to learn to be independent earlier in order to maintain their basic livelihood, but also shows the importance of parents who need to prepare some ingredients are easy to eat or be cooked for their children at home. SAS Group and GWC Group have been engaged in assisting disadvantaged people in society for long time. The Groups considered that the impact of the epidemic in Taiwan is very serious, especially for those families who have had a difficult life, it is necessary to contribute to them through our influence.


The impact of the epidemic has caused disadvantaged families to bear greater pressure in their life this year. Much appreciate for the perseverance and hard work of Taiwan Fund for Children and Families of Hsinchu, so that disadvantaged families could receive the attention and assistance. In addition, much grateful for the love of every participant of SAS Group and GWC Group. We made disadvantaged families feel the warmth from the society during the epidemic. They could also go through the difficulties of life with these living goods and materials. When they received the living goods and materials, and showed their smile on their face, it would make our determination even further to help the disadvantaged groups in society.