2021/05 Shi lei Elementary School Restoration With Love

The weather in Taiwan is hot and rainy due to locating in subtropical climate area, which causes severely affect to many buildings. It would lead to buildings water leak, water damage, insulation damage etc. Shilei Elementary School is also facing the same problem. SAS and GWC Group has engaged in Education issue for very long time. We hope that we can make students obtain better education quality through practical assistance. This charity was initiated by SAS and GWC Group. We hope that we can help Shilei Elementary School repair their buildings through kindness donation from coworkers in groups. In addition to preventing the buildings from weather damage, it also can make teachers and students have a better educational environment.


SAS and GWC Group has help Shilei Elementary School for four years since the Dream Realization Project, we are so familiar with their situation. Because of reality, many parents are forced to leave their hometown to work for living. It causes that most of students are grandparenting . In addition to helping them by donation, we can also help elder of the tribes by purchasing primary products which cropped by them. This is also a goal that we can strive for in the future.