SAS Group and GWC Group have been engaged in assisting disadvantaged people in society for long time. In view of the serious living ordeal that disadvantaged families facing with, and the serious consequences of physical and metal development for their children, it would not only be a strong fortress for them if we can provide our assistance of basic nutrition for children, but also can help these families keep moving on. World Vision Taiwan has been engaged in disadvantaged families assistance, especially focused on the children from these families. World Vision Taiwan always tries their best to provide practical support and gather the resources from the society to help these children. This time the Groups cooperated with World Vision Taiwan that hoping to contribute our caring and assistance to these families.


Much appreciate for the perseverance and hard work of World Vision Taiwan, so that disadvantaged families can be valued by all walks of life. Above all is World Vision Taiwan transforming the resources from all walks of life and the efforts of the foundation colleagues into the strongest support for these families. In addition, much grateful for the love of every participant of SAS Group and GWC Group. You made the families who under serious pressure but still can feel the warmth from the society. When the pressure has been released for these families due to the resource that we provide, it not only make them don’t feel isolated anymore and can keep moving on, but also make our determination even further to pay attention on disadvantaged and keep contributing our love to Taiwan society.