2020/11 《 Together You and Me, Let’s be Earth Friendly 》 Beach Cleaning Event

《Together You and Me, Let's be Earth Friendly》
Beach Cleaning Event

GlobalWafers Co., Ltd. hosted the 2020 “Together You and Me, Let’s be Earth Friendly” beach cleaning activity. Joined by GlobalWafers Co., Ltd., Crystalwise Technology Inc., Sino-American Silicon Products Inc. and its SAS-Sunrise branch, totaled 110 participants. During the event, we successfully collected about 2,000 kilograms of garbage in the morning of November 7th at the beach in Zhunan Long Fong Fishing Port. In the future, apart from revenue growth, the Company will consistently dedicate itself into “ E (environmental issues), S (social responsibility), G (corporate governance) ” in order to achieve sustainable development.