2020/08 Nanliao Beach Cleanup Event


Taiwan is a gorgeous island surrounded by the ocean. In the 16th century, Portuguese explorers discovered and became entranced by the island’s beauty, thus leaving behind the name “Formosa.” Due to its diverse terrain, Taiwan has a unique coastal scenery.


  This Beach Cleanup campaign wouldn’t have been so successful without the help of the multiple collaborating departments, the Hsinchu Environmental Protection Agency, and other governmental entities. The company is also grateful for the participation of our colleagues and their families and friends.   With the unified efforts of 47 passionate participants, the company was able to gather 18 large bags of carefully sorted garbage. These included PET bottles, Styrofoam pieces, plastic baskets, fishnet-tangled seaweed, milk tea cartons, and other miscellaneous man-made wastes which would have been extremely detrimental to ocean organisms.   The heart-warming sight of family and corporate teamwork to give back to the environment made this event invaluable. Supplemented with an educational workshop in the beginning, the beach cleanup event taught participants about sustainability and concrete actions for environmental protection. Overall, this event was a success, and it contributed to the company commitment to social and environmental good.