Social Concern

Social Participation

GlobalWafers encourages employees to share their love, make contributions, interact with the society, care about disadvantaged groups, and fulfill corporate social responsibility. In Taiwan, we proactively participate in various social philanthropic activities such as dream fulfillment projects in remote areas and sponsoring disadvantaged children and charities so as to fulfill this vision as a corporate citizen: “Give back to the society what you take from it”.

Donation ActivityDonated unitQuantity
Mid-Autumn Festival Love DonationHsinchu Good Childbirth and Kindergarten, Hsinchu Xiangyuan Education
Institute, Sekwang Correctional Institute, Huaguang Intelligent Development
NT$ 58,000
2019Food DriveHsinchu Xiuluan Elementary School, Chiayi Dayou Elementary SchoolNT$275,500
Warm WinterShi Lei Elementary SchoolNT$ 57,600 (including supplies)
Winter Nuanci Kindergarten PartyHsinchu Family Support CenterNT$20,000/second-hand supplies
One batch/park pass
Huashan New Year Vegetable ActivitiesHuashan FoundationNT$123,200
Blood DonationBlood donation centerThe total amount of blood donated is 139,750cc
Donation Charity EventHsinchu Meihua Elementary Schoo and Jinping Elementary SchoolNT$660,400
Ambulance DonationItalian Red Cross (CRI)An Ambulance