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As-cut Wafer, Lapped Wafer, Etched Wafer

As-cut wafer
As-cut wafers are silicon wafers which are sliced and cleaned. Our as-cut wafers demonstrate qualities in thickness distribution, low on TTV, bow and warp. This cost effective and high quality wafer solution is one of customer options for the downstream fab process.

Lapped wafer
As-cut wafers are lapped and cleaned to be qualified as lapped wafers. Lapping process can reduce surface roughness and mechanical defects from as-cut wafers and can further improve geometrical performance. Our lapped wafers are one of the best solutions by customers for diodes applications.
Etched wafer
Lapped wafers are chemically etched by acid or alkaline to be qualified as etched wafers. Again, etched wafers are better in surface roughness and are much less in mechanical defects than lapped wafers. Our etched wafers are considered as premium substrates for diodes and TVS applications, with the MCZ crystals combined, customers are adding more securities for their downstream processes and eventual electronic performance.

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