2019/08/06 GlobalWafers and GT Advanced Technologies Sign Long-Term Agreement for Silicon Carbide Crystal. Global Leader in Silicon Wafers Adds Silicon Carbide.
  2019/08/06 GlobalWafers Announces Q2 2019 EPS of NT$8.15 and Record High 1H 2019 EPS of NT$17.02
  2019/07/08 GlobalWafers June 2019 Revenue Report
  2019/06/25 GlobalWafers 2018 AGM Approved All-Time High Cash Dividend of NT$25
  2019/06/06 SAS and GWC May 2019 Revenue Report
  2019/05/09 April 2019 Revenue Report
  2019/05/07 GlobalWafers Announces 2019 First Quarter Results with All-Time High Gross Margin, Operating Profit, Net Profit, EBITDA and EPS of NT$8.88
  2019/04/08 GlobalWafers March 2019 Revenue NT$5.66 Billion, All Time High Record Q1 2019 Revenue NT$15.6 Billion, YoY 12.1%
  2019/03/19 GWC Reports 2018 Full Year Results EPS of NT$31.18 and NT$25 Cash Dividend per Share
  2019/02/11 GlobalWafers January 2019 Revenue Report
  2018/11/07 GlobalWafers Reports October Revenue
  2018/10/30 GlobalWafers Announces Third Quarter Revenue and 2018 Cumulated EPS of NT$22.66
  2018/10/05 GlobalWafers Reports 11th Consecutive Quarterly Revenue Growth & Conduct 300mm Wafer Capacity Expansion in Korea
  2018/09/05 GWC August 2018 Revenue Report
  2018/08/07 GlobalWafers Announces Second Quarter EPS of NT$8 and 1H’2018 EPS of NT$14.36
  2018/07/17 R&D Piloting Cooperation Projects between Industries and Academia at Science Parks achievement highlight. High breakdown voltage, low cost, better quality novel 6 inch bonding substrate!
  2018/07/09 GWC June 2018 Revenue Report NT$ 5 billion Achievement 10th Consecutive Quarterly Growth
  2018/06/07 Further Stepping into Semiconductor Industry, SAS becomes Major Shareholder of Taiwan Special Chemical Corporation
  2018/05/08 GWC Reports First Quarter Earning Result
  2018/04/09 SAS and GWC Report March and Q1 2018 Revenues GWC 9th Consecutive Quarterly Revenue Growth

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