2018/09/05 GWC August 2018 Revenue Report
Hsinchu, Taiwan, September 5, 2018 – GlobalWafers (GWC) today announced its revenue for August 2018. Consolidated revenue was NT$5.19 billion, an inc...   (More)
2018/08/07 GlobalWafers Announces Second Quarter EPS of NT$8 and 1H’2018 EPS of NT$14.36
GlobalWafers Announces Second Quarter EPS of NT$8and 1H’2018 EPS of NT$14.36Hsinchu, Taiwan, August 7, 2018 - GlobalWafers Co., Ltd. (GWC) today anno...   (More)
2018/07/17 R&D Piloting Cooperation Projects between Industries and Academia at Science Parks achievement highlight. High breakdown voltage, low cost, better quality novel 6 inch bonding substrate!
(SIPA 20180707) GlobalWafers Corporation (Photo1) proudly announce a newly developed GaN on Novel Si on insulator (AIN) (Novel SOI (AIN)) techno...   (More)
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